1) When you access, login, relogin, register on HackGive.me you accept the TOS.
2) You cannot resell or try to resell your HackGive account, it will get your account banned.
3) You aren't authorized to share your account or any information related to it. Account sharing is NOT ALLOWED!
4) You cannot resell premium accounts from HackGive (it causes the account to die).
5) You cannot share premium accounts from HackGive unless you write "Accounts generated by HackGive.me" when you give them.
6) You must be respectful regarding the staff and users in the Telegram group. Also, sale trashing isn't allowed and will be punished.
7) It is forbidden to contact the support aggressively, defaming the service or saying falsehood.
8) If you get caught or admit breaking the TOS your account will be terminated.
9) We reserve the right to modify the TOS and subscription privileges at any time without notifying you.
10) You cannot sign up using a disposable email service, or temporary email service.
11) All HackGive.me sales are final, no refunds will be issued. If you have any question, please contact us on telegram ( @HackGiveBot ) or open a ticket on this website

Contacting Us

If there is any question regarding these Tos, you may contact us using the information below.

Telegram Channel: @HackGive
Telegram Support: @HackGiveBot